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BRIXTON Crossfire 500

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Manager's motorcycle. NEW PRICE 6999 euros NOW for ...

Only 80 km on the odometer, not registered yet!

So it will be registered as new with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty at your Brixton dealer of choice.


The Crossfire 500 X brings the same overall package to the road as its sister model but in a little more relaxed fashion. The handlebars are wider, the seat flatter, and the Pirelli tires stubbier. Plus, the license plate holder mounted in classic fashion under the seat. All that gives the 500 X a raw appearance that radiates nothing but readiness. It doesn't nag about the curb you didn't want to go around or the dirt road you took on the way home. It's this relaxed attitude that the Crossfire 500 X carries within, giving you confidence in any riding situation.


In the Crossfire 500 It thus fully exploits what is possible in the A2 segment. In the upper rpm ranges, it pushes forward greedily; in the lower ranges, it has a softer and rounder throttle response.


The suspension elements from the Japanese suspension manufacturer Kayaba/KYB are set for maximum grip in every driving condition. The upside-down fork is adjustable in compression, the central shock in spring preload and rebound. In conjunction with the MT60 scrambler tires from Pirelli, the chassis plays out its full potential.


A deep, rich roar that no other engine in this cubic capacity class can match. The Crossfire's exhaust system is made entirely of stainless steel. With the flat front silencer and the brushed conical-oval shaped rear silencer, it is a real feast for the eyes even in the EU5 version.


The hydraulically actuated brakes from the renowned manufacturer J.Juan are ideally suited to the Crossfire 500. With a pleasantly soft initial pressure point and linear deceleration, a radial 4-piston brake caliper works on a Ø 320 mm brake disc at the front and a 2-piston caliper on Ø 240 mm at the rear.


At 851 mm, the handlebar of the Crossfire 500 This makes it easier to steer through tight bends, gives greater control and safety on unpaved roads and at the same time ensures a more relaxed riding position. The flat seat also contributes to the bike's relaxed posture.


The inverted LC display brings you all the vital information clearly and good visible in a classic round shaped display: Speedometer, RPM and gear indicator, odometer, fuel, high beam and turn signal indicators, clock, battery charge control, ABS light, oil pressure and coolant temperature light.


Daytime running lights, high beams and discreet direction indicators – the Crossfire 500 X comes with a full LED lighting system for good visibility and optimum road illumination.


Weighing in at just 640 grams, the dual-channel ABS from Bosch in version 9.1 ensures safe deceleration in dangerous situations. Center of mass, rolling circumference and several other parameters were taken into account by Bosch in collaboration with Brixton Motorcycles in the calibration for the Crossfire 500



Engine Type
  • Two cylinder four stroke engine, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled
Max. Power
  • 35 kW @ 8500 min-1
Max. Torque
  • 43 Nm @ 6750 min-1
  • 6 speed manual
  • ECU
  • Electric starter
Engine Capacity
  • 486cc
Fuel type
  • Unleaded fuel only, RON/ROZ min. 95


Brakes front
  • Hydraulic disc brake with ABS, one brake disc Ø 320 mm
Brakes rear
  • Hydraulic disc brake with ABS, one brake disc Ø 240 mm
Front wheel suspension
  • Telescopic fork upside-down
Rear wheel suspension
  • Swingarm with single shock absorber
Front Tire
  • 120/70 ZR 17 tubeless
Rear Tire
  • 160/60 ZR 17 or 160/60 R 17 tubeless
Front Rim
  • MT 3.5x17
Rear Rim
  • MT 4.25x17


Mass in running order
  • 190 kg
Permissible Maximum Weight
  • 350 kg
  • 2097mm
  • 851mm
  • 1116mm
Seat Height
  • 795mm
Number of seats
  • 2
Fuel Tank Maximum Capacity
  • 13.5 L


Top Speed
  • 160 km/h
Fuel Consumption*
  • 4.0 L/100 km
CO2 Emissions*
  • 92g/km


J.Juan brake system
    Pirelli 17" tires
      Stainless steel exhaust system
        Adjustable shock absorbers
          LED daylight & LED indicators
            BOSCH 9.1 ABS – Anti-lock braking system
              Adjustable brake and clutch levers
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
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                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500
                BRIXTON Crossfire 500