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Niu MQI GT EVO 100 km/h

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    • Top speed 100 km/h, range up to 75 km
    • Powerful 72V 5kW motor
    • 4th generation NIU Energy lithium battery
    • 14" wheels, 180mm ground clearance
    • Classic design, customizable display surfaces
    • Brand new smart features and Bluetooth Keyless Entry


    • The new MQi GT EVO is the best in its class - period. Featuring a large, sturdy frame, but a relatively light weight of just 128kg, the 5000W motor powers the EVO to speeds of up to 100km/h, effortlessly competing with any 125cc moped on the market, petrol or electric. A customizable LED dashboard, 3 easy-to-switch driving modes and brilliant lighting ensure you can conquer any commute with ease.

    14” wheels

    Double disc brakes front and rear

    180mm ground clearance

    Durable construction

    Niu MQI GT EVO 100 km/h
    Niu MQI GT EVO 100 km/h
    Niu MQI GT EVO 100 km/h
    Niu MQI GT EVO 100 km/h